Surprise and then…

Amsterdam, ADM festival – Oktober 2014

With a basket full of presents, two girls had the mission to find some friends for the lonely birthday girl. They seduced the visitors to bring her a present…

There once was a lonely girl waiting for her friends to come over and party. She turned 17. Almost grown up. One by one visitors came, they surprised her, danced, jumped and then…. the present… What’s that *%/?!!!! ‘Its for babies’, damn man, she turned 17, she does not play with dolls and stuffed animals! 

GO OUT! LEAVE! The visitors, now more surprised then the birthday-girl had to leave her party. Through the curtain they entered a new space; the lab of the mad professor! Toys are not for children, toys are for mad professors! They know what to do with them!

The mad professor was mad. More, more and more, how much toys did people bring… why did people always thought about themselves  and brought stuff THEY liked, THEY loved… they did not think a sec about the birthday girl, the bastards. The mad professor showed the visitors the museum of tortured toys cause that what happens with toys when kids get old. The professor grabbed their present and kicked them out… to….

a dark room… Surprise, they were standing in a room full of balloons, in a big present, actually they were the present themselves! Now go on, party on and don’t show yourself to mad professor anymore and more.


ADM festival

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