Shop til You Drop

Amsterdam, kalverstraat, June 2014

Three girls with in total 120 shopping bags, one man with a clothes rack and another one who functioned as shop assistant, walked over the Kalverstraat (the main shopping street of Amsterdam). The girls, obviously ready to drop under the weight of the new acquisitions, attracked a lot of attention. Moaning about more and more and more, they walked inside shops, talked with sellers and screamed some words at random shoppers. ‘You girls need to be so lucky, that’s what you could call a proper ladies day’ said one of the women working as seller in the Douglas.

This time, we were balancing between visible and invisible theater. Although we thought it was obviously a play, our performance was experienced differently by some of the people who faced us. Passersby whispered we had a damn lot of money, others laughed, some disappeared immediately in a shop. One man ran across the street to pick up the baby carriage, one girl just threw it over, he took her by the shoulders and said ‘don’t be such a damn wast and take care for your child’. He was the only one who reacted.

As such we could observe ourselves in the act of being watched. The passersby told us more then anything else, by taking us seriously.



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