The Spectaculaire Oorakeligheid embodies a street performance collective that tries to lift up bits of the unweightable weight of society. Society, here in the Netherlands, seems to provide a save womb in which – once you’re in as ‘citizen’ – there will be taken care of you. “Dear citizen, you can work, sleep, shop and eat, we provide you with as many medicines as you want, and above all….. You don’t have to ask any questions! Actually, you’d better not!”
Driven by our curiosity, we couldn’t remain silent, hád to ask. Therefore we cannot wait inside this womb: we do not aim to save or protect the collective madness labeled as ‘civilization’. We’d rather experience it in every possible way and street theatre is one of those ways: it carries a million of roundabouts, byways and holes, allowing de-routes and getting lost. Within a broad variety, from ‘invisible street theater’ till ‘puppet shows’ we can experience social concepts like ‘shop till you drop’, ‘obsessive computer disorder’ and ‘the post-Potter depression’.
Street performing can be a way to experience being a different character, as passersby react and interact (or run by as if you helped to remember somebody forgot to turn of the fire). It depends on how one orients him or herself within a certain moment; as such, the location, the people who pass by and the performers themselves shape an experience. We aim to make ourselves and others aware of normative, social structures, such as data control and the influence of commercial advertising. Besides, we aim to develop our own understanding of the possibilities of street theatre. Most of all; it’s damn enjoyable.
As we never announce our performances, this website is a way to inspire people to act in the open air  – not only with performances, but in every possible way, in order to keep from growing sour and cynical.
Slurpie et Slorpie



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